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    Office 365 and nonprofit organizations are made for each other

    We can’t all save the world right? Well, there are people out there trying their best. Saving animals, the environment or children in war torn countries. These people are united into a nonprofit such as Greenpeace, War Child, or Amnesty International–to name just a few because many more are out there with their own specialties and goals. Nonprofits are everywhere and doing an amazing job protecting those who can’t protect themselves. I really respect those people, trying to make a difference. You have to realize that nonprofits also have the need to connect and collaborate and share documents and information. They need high speed email access. Most nonprofits operate in multiple locations and countries. Their biggest challenge is money. They have to pay their employees wages and fund projects but also have to pay for local IT infrastructure and software. The latter takes money that they should spend on what really matters for their organization: hiring the right people and funding important projects. Unfortunately nonprofits work with legacy software and other old technologies. This results in loss of time, money and a lot of frustrations. What is the answer to this problem? Microsoft has the answer ready with Office 365!

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