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  • Community

    Renewed as MVP

    I have been renewed as a MVP for the 8th year in a row. Very happy and proud to be part of this awesome community!…

  • Office 365

    MVP for another year!

    I am excited to be renewed as an MVP for the fourth year in a row. Excited to keep supporting and working with the Office 365 & SharePoint community.…

  • Office 365

    Proud to be an Office 365 MVP

    Last April I was proud and happy to receive to SharePoint MVP award. My time as a SharePoint MVP was short because I am now an Office 365 MVP 🙂 My…

  • SharePoint

    SharePoint MVP

    Yesterday I received an e-mail, at the 1st of April, saying that I became a SharePoint MVP! This was during Seb Matthews session at European Office 365 Connect 2014 so I…