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    Office 365 Update: New sharing settings in Microsoft Forms

    We’re enabling you to have more control over sharing settings in Microsoft Forms. We’ll begin rolling this update out in the next few days.

    This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 24989.

    How does this affect me?
    We’re introducing new options for you to manage external sharing of Microsoft Forms.

    Currently, there are four sharing links for Microsoft Forms. “Share to collect response,” “share for collaboration,” “share as a template,” and “share result summary.” Users can currently use these links for internal and external sharing.

    As administrator, you currently have control over turning external sharing on and off for two of these four links: “share for collaboration” and “share result summary.” The other two links, “share to collect response” and “share as a template,” are permanently enabled for both internal and external sharing.

    After this update takes effect, you will be able to turn external sharing on and off for all four links.

    To make changes to sharing settings, navigate to Settings > Services & add-ins > Microsoft Forms in your Office 365 Admin center. There, you can turn off the ability to send a form, share a form for collaboration, share a form as a template, or share form results with users outside of your organization. After a setting is turned off, only people in your organization will have access to that option, and only when they sign in.

    We’ve begun gradually rolling this update out to Targeted Release organizations, and we anticipate completing the roll out by the end of December.

    What do I need to do to prepare for this change?
    This feature has administrative controls that can be turned on and off. Please review your Microsoft Forms sharing settings to verify your preferences for your organization.

    Please click Additional Information to learn more.

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