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    Integrate Bing with SharePoint (Online) 2013 Search

    I really love the new Search engine in SharePoint 2013 (including SharePoint Online 2013) and I said if before and will do it again:
    “SharePoint 2013 Search out-of-the-box rocks!”

    You can find the blog post where I explain my love for SharePoint 2013 search by clicking here. In this post I want to show you how east it is to integrated Bing Search results with the SharePoint search results. Why Bing and not Google, you probably wonder? That’s because Google doesn’t support the OpenSearch protocol anymore. Although Google is an awesome Search engine we need to show some love for Bing as Microsoft fan boys 😉

    What does this look like? Let’s take a look at the following example:


    I searched for marketing campaign content and in the result block five Bing Search results are shown. I can even click on Show More to see all the results:


    Pretty cool right? Let me show you how to configure the integration with Bing! Start by clicking on Site Actions, Site Settings, Result Sources and New Result Source. Enter the following information:

    Bing Search Results
    This is an optional field. You can use it when more people configure Search to let them know what the Result Source is being used for.

    OpenSearch 1.0/1.1

    Query Transform

    Source URL{searchTerms}&format=rss&Market=en-us

    Credentials Information

    Click on Save and your Bing Result Source is ready! The next step is creating a Query Rule. I always use the following example in my presentations and demo’s:

    “Contoso has a large marketing department with a lot of relevant content on the Contoso SharePoint portal. Although a lot of marketing content is available there is of course more content on the Internet. The marketing department wants to automatically search Bing when people search for marketing content.”

    We need to create a Query Rule that responds to the word marketing to launch a Bing Search. Go back to Site Settings and click on Query Rules. Select Local SharePoint Results and click on New Query Rule:

    Rule name

    Query Conditions
    Query Contains Action Term Action and Action Term is one of these phrases: marketing

    Add Result Block
    Block Title: Bing results for “{searchboxquery}”
    Configure Query:{searchboxquery}
    Search this Source: Bing
    Items: 5
    “More” link goes to the following URL:{searchboxquery}

    Now click on OK and Save. Your query rules is ready and Bing Search results are displayed when the word marketing is used in a Search query. Do you always want to use the Bing Search results? Just leave out the Query Conditions.