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I am speaking at DIWUG February 2019

I am speaking at DIWUG (Dutch User Group) about the following topic:

OneDrive, Teams & SharePoint: De tools voor samenwerken in groepsverband

Samenwerken is een cruciaal onderdeel van onze dagelijkse werkroutine. We werken samen met een grote verscheidenheid aan mensen. Variërend van collega’s tot klanten tot studenten. We hebben moderne tools nodig om samen te werken en de klus te klaren. Microsoft 365 biedt deze tools met OneDrive, Teams en SharePoint . Tijdens deze sessie gaat Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP & Modern Workplace Consultant, de voordelen en uitdagingen van het combineren van deze drie tools bespreken.

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Events Speaker

I am speaking at Experts Live Netherlands 2019

I am very excited to be speaking, for the second time, during Experts Live Netherlands 2019. Below you can find my session details:

OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams: The holy trinity of collaboration

Collaboration is a crucial part of our daily work routine. We collaborate with a wide variety of people. Varying from colleagues to customers to students. We need modern collaboration tools to work together and get the job done. Office 365 provides these tools with OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Combine these tools and you are presented with the holy trinity of collaboration.

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Events Speaker

I am speaking at European Collaboration Summit 2019

I am super excited to be speaking, for the first time, at
 European Collaboration Summit 2019 ! You can get a 10% discount code when you use the following code: COLLABSPEAKER.

Hereby my session details:

Microsoft & Social: The past, present and future  

The rise and hype of social started many years ago. Due to the rise of Facebook and Twitter, business felt the pressure to integrate social within their SharePoint Portals. Before we realized social become a crucial part of our work lives. Microsoft didn’t stay behind and acquired Yammer. What generally happens with hypes? They die out. What does this mean for social within businesses? Is there still a business case? An actual business value? During this session, Jasper Oosterveld (Microsoft MVP & Modern Workplace Consultant), is going to take you on a social journey through the Microsoft landscape. Where did it all begin, where are we now and where are we heading?

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