Public Preview: Attach more sharing features with Container Labels

An exciting new public preview was shared by the Microsoft Compliance Team! You can read all about it here:

Now you can attach the “default sharing link type” to a container label. Example below.

Please try and share your valuable feedback with us.

Say you have a label called “Internal”. You could already configure this label to stop external sharing. Now you can fine tune even more and specify the “default sharing link type” like below:

Set-Label -Identity ‘Internal’ -AdvancedSettings @{DefaultSharingScope =”SpecificPeople“}

Set-Label -Identity ‘Internal’ -AdvancedSettings @{DefaultShareLinkPermission =”Edit“}

This means when a user tries to share a doc in a site labeled “Internal” then that user will see the sharing dialogue as below. This helps users from committing mistakes and generate a wider accessible link than actually necessary.

We support 3 sharing link “type” settings attachment with :

  • DefaultSharingScope
    • PARAMVALUE: SpecificPeople, Organization, Anyone. It’s the same as ‘DefaultSharingLinkType’ in Set-SPOSite cmdlet.
  • DefaultShareLinkPermission
    • PARAMVALUE: View, Edit, It’s the same as ‘DefaultLinkPermission’ in Set-SPOSite cmdlet.
  • DefaultShareLinkToExistingAccess
    • PARAMVALUE: $true, $false, It’s the same as ‘DefaultLinkToExistingAccess’ in Set-SPOSite cmdlet.

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