Office 365 Update: Usage Reports

We continue to update the usage reports in the Office 365 admin center to provide you with a complete picture of how your organization is using Office 365. We’re releasing new usage reporting capabilities that will help organizations drive end user adoption. You’ll be seeing these new features in the coming weeks.

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How does this affect me?
The new features include:

– Two new Microsoft Teams reports – “user activity” and “app usage” – which will help you track usage of Microsoft Teams. You’ll be able to find the most common usage activities within messaging, calls, and meetings, as well as understanding how your users connect to Microsoft Teams. (We’ve also added a new card for Microsoft Teams to the reporting dashboard that will give you its activity overview.)

– A new reports reader role that you can now assign to any user in the Office 365 admin center who doesn’t have access to the admin center.

– An updated version to visualize and analyze usage with Office 365 Usage Analytics in PowerBI with a new “Social Collaboration” area, which will provide you with insights about how people work in teams.

– Microsoft Graph Reporting APIs general availability. APIs complements existing usage reports by allowing organizations and independent software vendors to incorporate the Office 365 activity data into their existing reporting solutions.

We’ll be gradually rolling these features out in the next weeks, and the roll out will be completed over the next few months.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?
There is nothing you need to do to prepare for this change. Please click Additional Information to learn more.

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