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Office 365 Update: Office 365 Message Encryption and Information Rights

As part of our integrated information protection investments, we’re releasing rich new capabilities in Office 365 Message Encryption that protect and control your sensitive emails. You can start using these features today.

You can refer to this announcement using the following link:

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How does this affect me?
These improvements merge the old OME and IRM capabilities and provide a richer sender and recipient experience. Office 365 users can now send encrypted and rights-protected emails from Outlook desktop, Mac, and OWA or via admin-defined Exchange Transport Rules.

Office 365 recipients can also read encrypted and rights-protected emails from any of the Outlook versions (desktop, OWA, Mac, iOS, and Android). Additionally, to further enable B2C scenarios, non-Office 365 recipients can authenticate and read protected messages using their Google or Yahoo identity in addition to a Microsoft Account or a One-Time Passcode.

You can learn more about these improvements in the following video:

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?
You can enable this feature within your organization today by following the instructions in this link: These instruction also apply to Existing OME or IRM customers.

Please click Additional Information to learn more about Office 365 Message Encryption.

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