Office 365 Update: SharePoint Site Theming

On August 21, 2017, we’ll begin rolling out an updated site theming experience in new team and communication sites.

This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 20524.

How does this affect me?
The new site theming panel empowers site owners to easily apply one of six new themes to all pages of the site by selecting the theme of their choice.

We’ll be gradually rolling this out to First Release customers on August 21, 2017, and the roll out will be completed by the end of September.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?
If you wish to take advantage of the new SharePoint site theming, there is no action you need to take; the new setting will show up in the site settings gear menu as “Change the look” for each site. Please click Additional Information to learn more.

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