I am speaking at Office 365 Engage 2017

I am excited to be speaking at Office 365 Engage in beautiful Haarlem. My sessions are as following:

The Intranet Is Dead! Long Live the Modern Workplace

SharePoint & Intranet Portals have been tied together since the release of SharePoint 2007. We have been building extensive, heavy branded and overly customized Intranet Portals for businesses worldwide. Result? Abandoned Intranet Portals, raising costs for maintenance and configuration and a lot of frustration. What does matter at the end of the day? Productivity tools to make business users lives easier, efficient, fun and more productive. What do companies want at the end of the day? To provide formal and static information. The solution? The Modern Workplace empowered by Office 365. Join Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP and Cloud Consultant, how he lays down his vision and experience around the Modern Workplace.

Modern Collaboration in Teams & Projects Powered by Office 365

Office 365 is the collaboration toolkit for businesses. We can choose between SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, Yammer and Microsoft Teams. Choice can be good but doesn’t necessarily make our lives easier. Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP & Cloud Consultant, is going to take you on a 75 minute journey through the Office 365 collaboration landscape. After this session, you have a clear understanding of the different tools and how these connect with each other. Making a choice has become a little bit easier.

Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a new member of the Office 365 Collaboration toolkit. Jasper Oosterveld (Microsoft MVP & Cloud Consultant) is going to take you on a 20 minute journey, how to get the most out of Microsoft Teams. The goal: Learning how Microsoft Teams increases the fun and efficiency for collaboration scenario’s.

Microsoft Stream: The Future of Video

Office 365 Video Portal step aside! Microsoft Stream is here and is reclaiming its spot as the future of video within Office 365. Jasper Oosterveld (Microsoft MVP & Collaboration Consultant) is going to talk about the following topics: What is Microsoft Stream? What are the difference with Office 365 Video Portal and how can you transition towards Stream? After these 20 minutes you will know all the ins & outs of Microsoft Stream!

I hope to see you in June! Click here to register.

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