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Yesterday, I discovered a new modern web part for the modern SharePoint pages. The Bing Web Part! Oh Bing, Google’s sad little brother. Never been able to step out of the shadows of its bigger brother. Let’s be honest with each other, Bing isn’t very good. I execute a Search query, looking for Microsoft content, and find more relevant results on Google instead of Microsoft’s own Search engine. That said, it never hurts to have a Maps web part. Let’s take a quick look:


After adding the web part a random address is highlighted. Ok, let’s search for Sparked in the Search box:

London? I didn’t know I was working in London! Well, I am not. Google doesn’t seem to have an issue with this basic feature:


After clicking on the spyglass, I somehow end up in Poland:



We are already off on a rocky start. We have a couple options in the web part:


This results in the following:

Another complaint: The map is MASSIVE. It literally takes up the whole page. Would be nice if we could make it smaller.

I am bit harsh here but that’s because I expect web parts that work and actually have a business benefit. The Bing Maps Web Part is just as disappointing as using Bing Search and Maps. Could we please get a Google Maps web part?




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