I am speaking at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2017

I haven’t been in Copenhagen since an ESPC edition many years ago. Definitely excited to be going back in two months for the IntraTeam Event Copenhagen! I am doing three sessions. Here are the details:

The Key to a Successful Office 365 Implementation is Adoption
Office 365 is a fantastic Cloud platform. Lower costs, latest updates & features, highly secure and an innovation enabler for businesses all over the world. Does this imply Office 365 automatically is going to be a massive success within your business? Perhaps it is; perhaps it isn’t. Do you really want to take a risk investing time & money without knowing the outcome? My answer: Definitely not. During this session, Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP, is going to take you on an adoption journey to help you get the most out of this fantastic but sometimes challenging Cloud platform.’

Key takeaways:

  • Experience real world adoption tools & examples.
  • Valuable insights in the importance of adoption for Office 365.
  • Going to feel confident to take up adoption within your own organization.

Modern Collaboration in Team & Projects Powered by Office 365 – Part 1 & 2.
Office 365 is the collaboration toolkit for businesses. We can choose between SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, Yammer and Microsoft Teams. Choice can be good but doesn’t necessarily make our lives easier. Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP & Cloud Consultant, is going to take you on a three-hour journey through the Office 365 collaboration landscape. After this workshop, you have a clear understanding of the different tools and how these connect with each other. Making a choice has become a little bit easier.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about advantages & challenges of the modern SharePoint experiences,
  • Watch valuable demos to gain insights in the functionality of the collaboration tools within Office 365,
  • Be more confident in picking the Office 365 tools for you or your customers.

I really hope to see you at the end of February in Copenhagen. Click here to read and learn more about this wonderful event.


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