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I love Office 365, you are probably aware of this. I write about her, I talk about her and I work with her on a daily basis. Although frustrating at times, she is a beauty. One of the things I love is the App Launcher and the ability to easily switch between services. Unfortunately, not all my customers agree. These are mostly the Intranet customers with the “I want a central homepage” obsession. A topic I am going to blog about in the new year. You just wait. So, the customers find it confusing and difficult to browse back to the Intranet home page in SharePoint. I have to agree, there isn’t really an easy option for this.

There is an easy workaround available: Office 365 theme. Here you can see ours:


Yes, that’s my face. I wish I got paid per click to be honest 😉

So, how can the theme help? Let’s take a look at the settings:



You can set an URL behind a logo! That’s what we did for our customer. We added the URL of the homepage behind the company logo with a house icon. Now all the users know how to go back to the central homepage 🙂



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  1. Simple solutions can be the best! Just to clarify how to do this. Go to O365 Admin > Settings > Organization Profile > Manage custom themes for your organization and make your changes. Thanks Jasper.

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