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The very first Microsoft native SharePoint App for iOS is here. I was one of the lucky few to have worked with an early preview of the App. Finally, the App is released to the public and I can share my experiences with you. Let’s look how we can use the App in our daily work life.

I have a meeting scheduled with a customer to discuss the progress of our project. I am on route towards the customer and start my day by opening the App:



The startpage is very similar to the new SharePoint home page within Office 365. The results are really accurate and definitely helps me, in my day to day work, to collaborate within my SharePoint sites. Let’s open the project site:



I really love the native experience of the App. The Office Graph empowers the Activity feed by displaying popular files and the files I have viewed. I need the Search & Intranet slidedeck for the meeting:


The slidedeck instantly opens in the PowerPoint App. This allows me to view but also edit the presentation. All Office documents are opened within the corresponding Office App for iOS. This enables me with the powerful features of the Office Apps, to get the job done. I realize I need to review additional files. The quick launch contains a shortcut to the project document library, with one click it opens:



The OneDrive opens and displays all documents. The SharePoint App collaborates closely with the OneDrive App to provide a seamless document experience. This enables you in getting the job done by using your mobile device.

Recently a new colleague, Roel Pluijmen, joined the team. He asked for access to the project site because he wants to start working on the technical design. No problem at all, I can keep using the SharePoint App:


Roel is assigned to appropriate permissions by selecting the corresponding SharePoint Group. He can start collaborating on the technical design!

The meeting finished and we received feedback about a couple tasks. I get my phone and open the App:






You are able to view, sort and filter list items. The functionality to add items is going to be added in the near future. One of the tasks is related to the functional design. I can find the document very quickly by using search:


As before, I am able to open the document within the Office iOS App. I can also search for all SharePoint to find other functional designs. To optimize the functional design I need support from a colleague. The startpage of the App contains an overal search experience:




Awesome! I am going to contact Henk. I click on his name:


His number is available and I can click on it to immediately give him a call. The documents Henk has been working on are also displayed. Perhaps this can give me ideas or insights for my projects. There isn’t a connection available with the Delve App. Somehow I have the feeling this is on the roadmap.

By now it’s obvious: The first Microsoft SharePoint App enables you to get your job done on your iOS device. An amazing first release. This is just the beginning. Microsoft is committed to keep developing new features and improving the user experience. Do you want to learn more? Click here.

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