Office 365 Update: Updated feature SharePoint Document Library Experiences

A new notification in the Office 365 administrator portal about the document library experience:

Modern document libraries have been enabled for First Release customers on an opt-in basis for the past two months. Modern libraries offer many UI enhancements, such as thumbnails; uploading and links; inline creation of custom view and columns; and pinning. We’ve replaced the Ribbon with a clean, responsive command bar. Finally, modern libraries are becoming the new experience for files saved in Office 365 groups. We’re going to begin updating aspects of the document library experience on June 7, 2016, for First Release users, with worldwide rollout over the following month.

How does this affect me?
First Release users will notice several changes. First, users will no longer be prompted to click to try the new experience. If a library is configured to use the new experience, users will be taken to that experience by default. Some library customizations are not yet supported in the modern experience, and if we detect such a customization we will automatically redirect users to the classic experience. Second, libraries will have a new header control at the top of the page. For libraries in team sites, this header includes global navigation links. For libraries in Office 365 Groups, the new control no longer includes links to the group’s conversation, calendar and member management. Instead, the new control will have a single link to the group’s conversation, from which users can navigate to calendar and member management.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?
The new experience will be on by default for all First Release users. Tenant administrators and site owners have the ability to change that default on a tenant-wide or per-library basis. Please click Additional Information to learn more.

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