I am speaking at SEF Unity Connect 2016

I am very excited to be speaking for the first time at SEF Unity Connect in beautiful Stockholm! I am lucky enough to have two sessions! Here they are:

How to Drive Business Value from the Video & People Portal

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The Video & People Portal (Delve) have been released and running for a while now. It’s time to evaluate these NextGen Portals for their true business value. Are they living up to their potential? We are kicking off with the Video Portal and look closely at the use of the Portal for training & education purposes. Can you drive adoption with the Video Portal? Next up is the People Portal. Has finding people, and related content, really become easier? As always, you can expect a session from Dutch Microsoft MVP Jasper Oosterveld, were he gives it to you straight from the real world.

Tips & Tricks to Help Move Your Users Away from File Shares

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SharePoint Online is a powerful platform with a rich set of document management features that your team can use out-of-the-box. You can use folders, custom metadata, managed metadata and document sets. The big question is: what to use when? It’s not always easy to answer this question. Microsoft MVP Jasper Oosterveld shares useful and insightful tips and tricks learned in the field to structure documents with the out-of-the-box document management features. If your organization is moving from traditional file shares where everyone stores documents in mapped drives and on local hard drives and you want your team to take advantage of much better document management features in SharePoint, you’ll learn about how to make that transition in this session.

I would love to see you at the event. Click here to register. You can use my code SEFJASO10 for a 10% discount code.


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