SharePoint Home Experience: Sneak peek

The Future of SharePoint event was awesome, we can all agree on that.¬†Go SharePoint! Things are moving fast now. The new SharePoint home experience started rolling out to a selection of First Release tenants. Lucky enough I am able to get a sneak peek! Let’s take a quick look shall we ūüôā

The Site, oh no wait! SharePoint tile opens up:



Can you feel the excitement? SPHome2

Oh man!


I can’t take it any longer! Let’s click on Get Started:



Nice! Here we are. The brand new and shinny SharePoint Online Home experience. I can see my frequently¬†visited sites with the latest activity. Seems like I am the only¬†one working at Sparked¬†right. Don’t tell anyone ūüėČ I really love the integration with the Office Graph. Nice to see these statistics, and valuable information, outside of Delve. The left side displays the sites¬†I am following, and easily can unfollow, and corporate links. The bottom of the screen contains suggested sites:SPHome5

Clicking on an item immediately opens another tab with the document in Office Online. There is also a great Smart Search available. I am going to look for a functional design (functioneel ontwerp in Dutch):


These are the last three files I actually worked with so that’s great. Results aimed at the person searching for content. Let’s click on Show more results:



The link See All opens more results with a paging. The classic results page opens the regular SharePoint Search Center. That’s it for now folks. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak! Stay tuned for more.


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