SharePoint Online document libraries new & improved – My two cents

Last week a new look & feel became available for our beloved SharePoint Online document libraries.  As an MVP I was aware of this upcoming change, but I can imagine this was pretty sudden for most people. In this blog post I would like to share my two cents about the new look & feel with it’s new features and options. Let’s start by taking a look at the before look & feel: This is the look & feel we have been using for a long time. WAIT! What does the check it out button do?   Holy ####! That’s a big change. Is it though? Let’s look at OneDrive for Business:   Looks very familiar right? Not so long ago, Office 365 Groups document libraries received the same look & feel. Funny to read how many people were shocked by this change looking at the fact it’s basically been around for so long in OneDrive for Business. Don’t be afraid though, there are some really cool and useful features available. Let’s quickly take a look! New features New action bar After selecting a document, the new action bar presents itself. All your primary actions in one place! Only one click … Continue reading SharePoint Online document libraries new & improved – My two cents