SharePoint Sync is unreliable and a dangerous for your customers

Very powerful title for a blog post right? I realize this but unfortunately it’s really necessary to be aware of the possible danger of using SharePoint Sync. Multiple customers are experiencing issues while trying to sync documents locally towards SharePoint document libraries. This has led, or almost, to data loss. A situation you definitely don’t want your customers to be in.

I currently advise my customers to avoid using the SharePoint sync. I created two documents with an advise & explanation about SharePoint Sync. The customer shares this information with the other SharePoint users. Ideally this is going to prevent further sync issues.

Didn’t Microsoft release a new OneDrive for Business sync client? They definitely did! Please install this new version for a reliable and modern sync experience for OneDrive for Business. Unfortunately, there is no support for SharePoint Sync….

[blockquote source=”Meet the Onedrive for Business Generation Sync Client”]SharePoint Document Library sync: This capability will be added in future releases; we will communicate timelines for this support in the first quarter of 2016. The Next Generation Sync Client will work side by side with the existing sync client (groove.exe) for customers who require sync for both OneDrive for Business and SharePoint document libraries.[/blockquote]


Click here for the English instruction document and here for the Dutch version. You can reuse these documents to help your customers and yourself 😉


Microsoft released a preview of a modern SharePoint Sync:

Please try it out for yourself, in a small group, and check how it works 🙂 This should make my post obsolete 🙂

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