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I am speaking at Collab365 October 2015

I am proud to be speaking at the very first Collab365 Online Conference! This is my session:

Office 365 Groups: What’s in it for me?

Level: 100


Microsoft launched Office 365 Groups in the fall of 2014 for its first release customers. Although it was very exciting to see a new feature coming from Redmond, Office 365 Groups raised many questions. What’s the impact for my current Intranet portal? Are team sites going to be deprecated? What is my business value by using Groups? During this session, Jasper Oosterveld, Office 365 MVP, is going to answer these questions and show you were Groups stand, a year after its release.

The presentation covers the following topics:

  • Overview of the out-of-the-box features
  • The mobile experience for your business users
  • The roadmap for future developments
  • Business scenario’s and benefits of Office 365 Groups

The conference is free! So that’s awesome 🙂 You can sign up by clicking here. Hope to see you there! Don’t miss it, it’s going to be fricking awesome.

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