Office 365 Project Portal Tips – Show My Open Tasks

It is relatively easy to implement business scenario with Office 365 is the project portal. I recently configured multiple project portals for our customers. In this article I will share a series of tips that I think will help you in your Office 365 project portal adventures. Let’s start with the first one: Displaying my open tasks.

One of my favorite SharePoint 2013 features is the timeline overview:

One customer loved the timeline a lot and asked if it was possible to display the open tasks, of the logged in project member at the home page of the portal. This is definitely possible because we have the awesome Search web part. Before you start configuring the web part, you have to configure a managed property referring to the tasks status. Please take a look at a previous article I wrote. Instead of mapping the DocumentCategory, you map the following crawled property: ows_PercentComplete.

Add a Search Result web part to the home page of your project portal and apply the following query:

path:"https://urlofyourprojectportal"  ContentTypeId:0x0108*  AssignedTo:{User.Name}   RefinableString01<>1
  • Enter the URL of your project portal
  • The ContentTypeID refers to the default task content type ID
  • Enter the RefinableString you used (Mine is 01)

Save the web part and publish your page.

That’s it! You can create your own custom display template to change the look & feel of the results but this depends on the requirements. I like to keep things simple so let’s keep the default. I hope you find this tip useful!

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