I am speaking at Unity Connect Amsterdam 2015

I have been part of the awesome SharePoint Connect Amsterdam for the past three years. It is definitely one of my favorite events! Great speakers, content and location where speakers, delegates and sponsors all interact. In my eyes one of the top conferences in Europe. This year IT Unity is partnering with the organization behind SharePoint Connect Amsterdam and the new name is Unity Connect Amsterdam. Once again I am proud to be part of this event as the speaker chair and part of the session selection team. Together with Scot Hillier, Spencer Harbar and Mirjam van Olst the first speakers and sessions are announced on the website. Click here to view the speaker overview.

I am going to be pretty busy! I am doing a workshop, full session and 20 minute session! Oh boy! Hereby the abstracts:

Building, Adopting and Governing Portals & Collaboration on Office 365 and SharePoint

Do you want to learn how to build, adopt and govern a highly effective portal and collaboration environment in Office 365 and, on-prem, with SharePoint 2013 and 2016? This is the opportunity of a lifetime to learn from four renowned SharePoint and Office 365 MVPs: Asif Rehmani, Dan Holme, Sue Hanley and Jasper Oosterveld. Together, we will examine what works, what doesn’t, and how to use out-of-the-box features and capabilities of Office 365 and SharePoint to drive productivity and innovation for internal and external collaboration. It doesn’t stop at building: your solutions have to be adopted by your business users. We’ll share the experiences we’ve gained from working with customers world wide to drive adoption and actionable metrics. And your service must strike the right balance between flexibility, control, and compliance. So we’ll explore a vision for driving governance and delivering a manageable and secure service. This is a chance to dive deep with four industry experts and experienced colleagues. Don’t miss this workshop!

Office 365 Groups: What’s Going On With You?

Microsoft launched Office 365 Groups in the fall of 2014 for its first release customers. Although it was very exciting to see a new feature coming from Redmond, Office 365 Groups raised many questions. What’s the impact for my current Intranet portal? Are team sites going to be deprecated? What is my business value by using Groups? During this session, Jasper Oosterveld, Office 365 MVP, is going to answer these questions and show you were Groups stand, a year after its release.

Office 365 Video Portal – A Quick Overview of the Latest Features

During this 20-minute session Jasper Oosterveld, Office 365 MVP, will show you the latest features of the Office 365 Video Portal. Jasper jumps straight into the action and demos the latest and most exciting features of the first Office 365 NextGen Portal.

I definitely hope to see you there in October! It’s going to be awesome 🙂


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