How to Disable Uploading Documents in Yammer

I am not ashamed to admit that I make mistakes. During my recent webinar for IT Unity about SharePoint Online, I talked about the collaboration between SharePoint Online and Yammer. One of my pain points with the current integration is the ability to upload documents in Yammer. Customers want to use SharePoint Online as their main document management and storage system. You can probably guess the downside of having documents stored in Yammer:

  • No document management features such as metadata and versioning
  • Documents are stored inside the Yammer data center in San Francisco
  • No Search integration from SharePoint Online such as document preview

I didn’t know there was an option to disable the upload of documents within Yammer. Thanks to the awesome support of Microsoft, I found out that with Yammer Enterprise you can use the admin console to disable the upload feature. Let’s look at the current situation:

End users can upload documents by using the clip icon. Let’s turn it off:

    1. Open Yammer.
    2. Click on Admin at the bottom left part of the screen.

    1. Click on Design and Configuration.

  1. Clear the first check box and click Save.

Let’s look at the post an update bar:

The clip icon is gone and end users aren’t able to upload documents.

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