How to Change the Title of a Document in Office Online

One of my favorite SharePoint features is Office Online. I really like how easy it is to view, edit and create documents within the browser. For people new to Office Online, it can be a little bit confusing to find certain controls. For example, how do you change the document title after you created a new document in the browser? Let’s create a new document in OneDrive for Business:

The browser opens with an empty Word document:

I’ll be honest, my first instinct was to look for the option in the File menu. I am assuming, just say yes so I don’t feel like an idiot, that new users do the same:

Wait! Where is the save button? Oh wait, Microsoft can read my mind. There isn’t any, but how do I change the title? Not too long ago, you actually had to exit the document and use the edit properties menu of the document library. Microsoft realized that wasn’t very nice so we can do it straight from the browser! Just browse over the word Document at the top of the screen:

Click at the Document, delete the text and start typing. Are you done? Just click away and the new title is saved:

Pretty cool right? Do you want to exit the document? Click on your name next to Word Online.

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