I am speaking at SharePoint Saturday Stockholm 2015

I am fortunate enough to be speaking at SharePoint Saturday Stockholm 2015. I can’t wait! I have never visited Stockholm so I am very excited to visit and meet our Scandinavian friends.  I am doing one of my favorite sessions:

SharePoint Online: a Friend or a Foe?
Level: 100
Track: Business

This is an important question many customers ask themselves. Microsoft is heavily promoting their Cloud services with SharePoint Online as their showpiece. The SharePoint Online platform did mature over the years and has become a worthy and realistic replacement for SharePoint On-Premises. SharePoint Online offers Intranet and Extranet business solutions and contains the latest SharePoint features. Although this sounds great, many customers aren’t sure and are hesitant of the Cloud. What they really wonder: is SharePoint Online a friend or a foe? The presentation covers the following topics:

– A look at the history and evolution of SharePoint Online
– Real world SharePoint Online Intranet Solutions
– An Extranet business scenario with SharePoint Online
– Overcome Cloud challenges such as O365 Release Cycle, Staging & Life Cycle Management, Hybrid and Governance
– The main differences with SharePoint On-Premises

Key Take Away Points:

– Determine if SharePoint Online is a good fit for your organisation
– A clear overview of not only the benefits but also the challenges of SharePoint Online
– Learn about useful business scenarios and workloads suitable for SharePoint Online

Looking at the fact that Office 365/SharePoint Online is changing rapidly the content of my presentation is definitely going to contain some changes. Expect an up-to-date presentation with the latest Office 365/SharePoint Online developments.

All the latest news about the event can be found on the website. Click here. Hope to see you there!

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