SharePoint 2013 – Filter content query web part with calendar start date

For some reason its not possible to select the start date in the content query web part for a calendar event when you are querying the calendar directly:




There is a very easy solution for this problem! You create a new calculated column for the calendar:



After you created the column you can select it through the content query web part and, for example, only display events in the future:


4 thoughts on “SharePoint 2013 – Filter content query web part with calendar start date”

  1. Warning to others reading this… this will not work for recurring or multi-day events. The calculated column with be the first (or last) date in the series, not the start and end date for the current instance of the recurring event. Have yet to find a solution for this wrinkle.

    1. Thanks Jim! Appreciate the feedback 🙂 Let me know when you found a solution for this. I will update the post when you do.

  2. If you are wondering how to set it to be greater than “Today”, since this is not an option as the column will be treated as Text, you can just type [Today] in the textfield.

  3. Hi, I found a fix for recurring events on a different forum. Here it is:

    To correctly deal with recurring events, make sure that your filters are correct; get the “Begin” column from both sides:
    Say you want a window from today to 30 days in the future.
    Here’s what the filter would look like:

    Begin is Less Than Or Equal To [Today]+30
    Begin is Greater Than Or Equal To [Today]

    Original post:

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