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Use QR codes linked to documents for new business solutions

Recently I discovered a new feature within SharePoint Online, a QR code for every document stored in a document library. This opens up a whole new world of business scenarios. For example, you place the QR code next to a technical device, such as a printer, and the QR code opens the manual or a quick reference card. Every employee with a question can use his or her mobile device and open the document! Awesome right? This is just one example but you can probably think of many more! Let’s take a quick look.

Click on the call-out menu of a document as shown in figure 1:


Figure 1

Do you see the mobile phone symbol at the end of the link? Click on it:


Figure 2

 Let’s use a QR reader to scan the code:


Figure 3


The App picks up the code:


Figure 4

Voila! This is the power of SharePoint Online and Office 365, nifty and useful new features are released on a regular basis to empower your business!


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