I am speaking at the Share Conference in South Africa 2014

This has been an amazing week for me!  The first Office 365 conference in the world, European Office 365 Connect 2014, was a huge success with great feedback from the delegates! Last, but certainly not least, I received the SharePoint MVP award 🙂

You thought that was enough? Sorry! One more! I am very happy to announce that in June I am going to speak at the Share Conference in Johannesburg South Africa. How cool is that? Here you can read a bit more about the event:

[blockquote source=”Share website”]Share is a conference where non-technical SharePoint conversations happen. It’s a business conference for people to get more out of SharePoint for Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Marketing & Communications, Web & Intranet, Content Management, Information Flow, Document Management, Reporting and Projects. Join us for 55+ sessions over 3 days of hands-on workshops, case study lectures and demonstrations. Plus a plethora of networking opportunities and social gatherings. Designed to help each other pinpoint new and different ways to use SharePoint as an important enabler of great business performance.[/blockquote]

I really appreciate and like events purely aimed at the business users. These are the people who have to work with SharePoint on a day to day basis and actually play a huge part in the success or failure of SharePoint. I am doing two sessions at Share:

SharePoint Online: a Friend or a Foe?

This is an important question many customers ask themselves. Microsoft is heavily promoting their Cloud services with SharePoint Online as their showpiece. The SharePoint Online platform did mature over the years and has become a worthy and realistic replacement for SharePoint On-Premises. SharePoint Online offers Intranet and Extranet business solutions and contains the latest SharePoint features. Although this sounds great, many customers aren’t sure and are hesitant of the Cloud. What they really wonder: is SharePoint Online a friend or a foe?

  • A look at the history and evolution of SharePoint Online
  • Real world SharePoint Online Intranet Solutions
  • An Extranet business scenario with SharePoint Online
  • Overcome Cloud challenges such as Governance, Unified User Experience and Hybrid Solutions
  • The main differences with SharePoint On-Premises

Key Take Away Points:

  • Determine if SharePoint Online is a good fit for your organisation
  • A clear overview of not only the benefits but also the challenges of SharePoint Online
  • Learn about useful business scenarios and workloads suitable for SharePoint Online

Tips and Tricks to Successfully Structure Your Documents in SharePoint

SharePoint is a powerful platform with a rich set of out-of-the-box Document Management features. You can use Folders, Custom Metadata, Managed Metadata and Document Sets. The big question is: what to use when?

It’s not always easy to answer this question. Speaker Jasper Oosterveld shares useful and insightful tips and tricks learned in the field to structure documents with the out-of-the-box Document Management features. The session concludes with a real word story about an asset manager in the Netherlands working for the first time with SharePoint Document Libraries instead of file shares.

  • Reasons to never use folders in SharePoint to structure your documents
  • A demo per Document Management feature
  • Explanation of Document Content Types and how to use these within document libraries
  • Real world story about working with document libraries instead of file shares

Key Take Away Points:

  • Learn how to work with the SharePoint out-of-the-box Document Management features
  • Tips and tricks to replace a file share folder structure with SharePoint

I can’t wait to go to South Africa for the first time and connect with fellow speakers and delegates. Thanks again to the organisation for inviting me. Click here for the PDF brochure.



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