I am speaking at the 24 Hour SharePoint Conference

I am very excited and thankful to be speaking at the first 24 hour SharePoint Conference! This is a brand new and free online conference, a very cool and revolutionary concept. I am part of the business track of the conference. Here you can read a bit more about my session:

What is SharePoint? Defining SharePoint for the Business User
Can you answer this question? Let’s be honest, even for the most experienced SharePoint professional this isn’t an easy question to answer. SharePoint is often called a DMS,  Intranet Portal or a tool to create team sites.  The official Microsoft Office website contains the following statement: “Organizations use SharePoint to create websites”. Really Microsoft? The official Wikipedia has the following to say: “Microsoft SharePoint is a Web application platform developed by Microsoft.” You cannot use these descriptions during a presentation for business users, especially when they never heard or worked with SharePoint before. In my role as SharePoint Consultant this question came up many times when talking to the business. In this webinar I would like to share my vision and thoughts how to answer this important question. Don’t expect only slides but actually a lot of demos!

Hope you are interested and able to listen in! Click here to register for the event.



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