Office 365 Saturday Europe 2013 – My slides

I was one of the lucky few to speak at the first Office 365 Saturday Europe. This was my session:

SharePoint Online 2013: A guideline to structure your documents within SharePoint Online
We all know SharePoint Online is a powerful platform with excellent Document Management features but do your end-users agree? They have been working with folders for many years and love working folder. This means it’s harder to convince them about the power of SharePoint Online. During this presentation, I am going to share a guideline about structuring your documents with SharePoint Online. After this session, you can use this information to convert those stubborn end-users who have a long lasting love for folders.

You can find my presentation below:

[slideshare id=28774849&doc=office365saturday2013-aguidlinetostructureyourdocumentsinsharepointonline2013-131201071513-phpapp02]

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