SharePoint Online – My Site doesn’t show profile picture

I had a strange issue within our Macaw SharePoint Online demo tenant. The profile picture of one of our users didn’t show within the My Site:


I found it very strange that the picture appeared when I edited the profile picture field:


Weird right? What made it even weirder (is that a word?) was that the image was available within the webmail:

Strange right? To great thing about Office 365 is that you can ask Microsoft for support! I received the following solution:

  1. As an Admin, browse to Tenant Admin | User profiles.
  2. In the People section, click ‘Manage user profiles’
  3. Search for a broken user.
  4. Edit the profile. Set ‘Picture Exchange Sync State’ to 0 and save the profile.
  5. Edit the profile again. This time, on the ‘Picture’ property, click ‘Remove’ to remove the picture from SharePoint.
  6. Edit the profile a third time. This time, set ‘Picture Exchange Sync State’ back to 1.
  7. Have the user browse to their My Site upload a new photo. (It may take some time for the cache to clear and this to reset)

This did the trick for me! Hope it helps you as well.

2 thoughts on “SharePoint Online – My Site doesn’t show profile picture”

  1. Jasper, Any idea when this cache gets cleared? I can see the picture gets uploaded to the profile pictures library on my site root but I don’t see the updated pic on the user profile page in SPO.

    1. Can be an issue when Exchange Online licenses aren’t activated. Is that the case? Otherwise contact Microsoft Support 🙂

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