From File Shares to Document Libraries

I wrote an article for the latest DIWUG E-Magazine. Click here to download the magazine. The article connects with the webinar I did last September and my presentation at SharePoint Connections Amsterdam 2013. This is the introduction of the article:

[blockquote source=”DIWUG E-Magazine”]”End-users love their files shares with folders, there I said it! There’s no denying it. They really
do; why you may ask? They have been working with folders for many, many years. It has
become a familiar face staring back from the monitor screen. End-users also find folders easy
to use; they know where to find their documents, even if this means browsing through many
layers of sub folders. Let’s be honest: it’s really easy to create new folders, pretty much child’s
play. That’s fine for them because they are used to it and have accepted this working method.
And here you show up, telling them folders are bad! Very bad! Metadata is the new cure for
finding and structuring documents by creating new columns, views, applying a taxonomy and
maybe even document sets (isn’t that a folder?). Just remember the look on your end-users
faces, when you are explaining this, because they aren’t buying it. This is a very common
scenario for every SharePoint Consultant. I have been there many times before. By writing
this article, I want to help you convince your end-users of the power of SharePoint Document
Management with useful tips and tricks.”[/blockquote]

I hope you enjoy the article and find it useful.

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