I am speaking at the European SharePoint Conference 2013

I am really excited to be selected as a speaker for the European SharePoint Conference! I am going to talk about the following:

SharePoint Under the Spotlight: European Market Report 2013 

The largest independent SharePoint survey in Europe was carried out by the European SharePoint Community in October-November 2012. It has established a baseline for measuring trends, attitudes and opinions of those working with SharePoint and a deeper understanding of the evolving use of the product. 

This session unveils the survey results, with in-depth analysis of

  • SharePoint Business Impact
  • SharePoint Role, Education and Training
  • SharePoint Infrastructure
  • SharePoint Usage
  • SharePoint Demographics

Presentation Benefit: The session will escalate the industry’s conversation on how SharePoint users can navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. ‘SharePoint Under the Spotlight: European Market Report 2013’ is a primary resource of key insights and trends impacting those who work with SharePoint – don’t miss the author’s expert analysis of it! 

I am really proud and excited, after SharePoint Connections, to be speaking at such an amazing event!

See you there!

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