SharePoint Online 2013 – Promoted links

There is a new app (list) in SharePoint town:

Promoted links

This app is an upgrade to the links list. Let’s take a look at the current link list:

This is very limited, there is no option to decide how the link needs to be opened. I also cannot add a picture to the link. Let’s take a look at the SharePoint 2013 Promoted links app:

Nice! I cad add a background image and configure the Launch Behavior. There are three options:
  1. In page navigation
  2. Dialog
  3. New Tab
Ok, sounds logical but what is Dialog about? Let’s select that option. 
How cool is this? The link opens in a pop-up window! This is such an improvement compared to the current links list. Nice!
The links are displayed in tiles. I wanted to change one of the links but could not see a check box to select the link! There is also no callout menu and by clicking at a tile the link opens (duh!). What now? I finally figured out to change the view 😉 by changing this to All Promoted Links you are able to change the links.

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