SharePoint 2013 – Where is the create new site shortcut?

I have a lot of praise for the new version of SharePoint Online 2013 but there are also things I don’t understand. One of these things is the following:

Where is the create new site shortcut!

I like the new clean look and feel of SharePoint but why did Microsoft remove Create new site from the site actions menu?

No we have to click at View Site Contents and then scroll down and click new subsite. This is not the biggest issue 😉 but you would, and all your end-users, expect to have this option at the site actions menu.

I received the following feedback from Microsoft support:

“It was confirmed to me again that the Product Group intentionally removed the “Create Site” link to help reduce confusion between creating a top-level site, or site collection and creating a subsite.”“You of course can extend the Settings (formerly Site Actions) menu yourself using “Custom Actions” and so add “New Site” back, however the Product Groups feels this is not the right choice for the user experience.”

I never had any complaints from end-users about any confusion but maybe you did?

4 thoughts on “SharePoint 2013 – Where is the create new site shortcut?”

  1. They (The Microsoft UI Team) must have asked the question:
    How often does a function need to be used to feature on the common Actions menu – and come on, how often does the business really create a new site. So I guess that is why it was dropped.

  2. This might be annoying for when/if we move to SharePoint 2013 from 2010.
    Currently a couple of our large departments use the new (sub)site feature very often as they create a new subsite for each project (new subsubsite for each project phase).

  3. + I wanted to add a subsite shortcut to an existing subsite, I didn’t understand how I navigate to subsite settings (to create shortcut the same way for new subsite), so I just clicked “Edit Links” in upper menu -> “+ link” and copied the address of the subsite -> Save.

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