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I would like to talk about the new document library in SharePoint 2013. It has some great new features. You will notice immediately the new look and feel:
Do you see the new document link? Click at it:

Isn’t this cool? You are now able to create all the Office documents you use in business. I clicked at PowerPoint and named the file and the Office Web Apps do the rest of the magic:

By right clicking a my PowerPoint presentation the new callout function enables you to quickly take some decisions:

I love this new feature, how cool is it? You can see an preview of the presentation! I believe this used to be only available with FAST Search.

Asif pointed out that you are able to zoom in! This is pretty cool, just double click in the document. You have to right click to open a menu:


You can restore the preview to 100%. Nice! Thanks Asif πŸ™‚

One of the new features of SharePoint is to quickly share content or sites. Let’s click atShare:
You can type the name of the user in the Invite people box and select Edit or Read permissions. I really love the new people picker! Just start typing and you will get a suggestion. Really cool! Use the callout to see that the document is now shared:
The fast sharing of documents is great but again the same old major downside appears: How can you easily see which documents are shared and with whom? You can’t and that is a shame. BUT!! I checked the new My Site and shows this:
So this is really useful! But for some reason this is not available outside the My Site. Come on Microsoft!

Drag and drop
There are rumors that you should be able to drag and drop documents from Explorer directly into the library. I did not get this to work so perhaps this only works with Office 2013?

The document library contains a search box:
You can search for documents within the library. I still had some issues:

This seems to be an issue with my Office 365 Tenant. This should work.


I am using the Office 365 SharePoint Online preview for this article.

8 thoughts on “SharePoint 2013 – Document library”

  1. Good article Jasper. Just a quick comment on your statement “This does not work well with Word documents because you are unable to read the text.” –
    double click on the document and it zooms in so you can read the text.

    Also, Search within doc lib seems to be working fine with me on Office 365 Preview. If it’s not working for you (after sufficiently waiting for it to add the doc to the index), you might want to tell Microsoft about it.

    – Asif

  2. Hi Asif,

    Thanks for your comment! You are correct about the first statement. I will change this in the article πŸ™‚

    I am having issues in our Tennant with some functionalities. I also cannot work with the tasks overview in the Personal Site.

  3. I’m using the trial version of SP Server 2013, SP Designer 2013 and SP 2013 (last one is obvious). Do I have to enable site content on each site to see the New > Word, Excel, PowerPoint?

  4. Hi Jasper, I would like to establish if it is still a flat-view structure, as opposed to a treeview structure, in Sharepoint 2013 Document Libraries?

    From using previous versions of Sharepoint, I found this to be one major drawback of Sharepoint. It meant we were depending on third-party products to accomplish a treeview document library structure, which has many drawbacks.

    Is there an OOB solution built into Sharepoint 2013, which will deliver a treeview structure, for document libraries?
    I want users to be able to nvigate through a document library, using a Treeview, within the Document Library itself.


  5. Hi Dan,

    There is no feature for a treeview within a document library. I am guessing you use folders? Have you looked into using document sets or managed metadata. I really advice against using folders.

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