InfoPath – What can it do for you – part 3

In this article I want to show you how easy it is to republish your InfoPath form to SharePoint. The previous version of InfoPath made it really frustrating to republish forms. You had to go through the same steps as the first time you published the form. This was pretty time consuming!

I first want to go through the publishing process. This is pretty much the same as in InfoPath 2007. To publish the form for the first time you have to go to the File tab of InfoPath:
You have to click at Publish and choose for SharePoint Server. You have to enter the URL of the SharePoint site where you want to publish the form. You probably have to enter your credentials. The following screen will appear:

In this article I will select the first option, Form Library, but in future articles I want to talk about the other options. You have to click at Next. At the following option menu, you can choose to create a new form library or use an existing one. The second to last option menu give you the option to promote InfoPath fields as SharePoint columns. This is a pretty powerful feature but I will leave this for now (this is for future articles). You can now publish your form!
The above steps result in a new form library with the InfoPath form. The form can be opened and saved to the form library. I advise using the InfoPath Webpart as discussed in the previous article. In most cases you will make changes to your form. I mentioned that in the previous version of InfoPath you had to go through all the publishing steps. These times are behind us. You can see the following options in the ribbon of InfoPath:

You only have to click at the icon next to the Save button to republish your form! This works really well and will save you a lot of time!

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