SharePoint 2010 – How to create a company notification system part 4

My co-worker, Erik Boode, talked to me about my company notification system solution. He has to implement this solution for one of our customers. He actually found a solution to set fields at read-only! This is really important for the following screen:

SP2010CompanyNotifcationCenterPart4_1 SP2010CompanyNotifcationCenterPart4_2


You can see in the screenshot that I had to manually enter a warning text. The reviewer is also able to edit the text of the employee. Erik found the following solution:

Open SharePoint Designer and go to the Review Notification form of the Notification list. Click at a control and in the code field change the following:




The controls now become read only! How cool, and pretty easy, is this 🙂 Check it out:

The only problem that still is not solved is that employees can open this reviewers edit form. Hopefully we can find a solution for this.

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