I am speaking at SharePoint Saturday Stockholm 2015

This year I wasn’t able to attend or speak at SharePoint Saturday Stockholm because of the birth of my daughter Flora. Next year is a whole different story! I am fortunate enough to be speaking at SharePoint Saturday Stockholm 2015. I can’t wait! I have never visited Stockholm so I am very excited to visit and meet our Scandinavian friends.  I am doing one of my favorite sessions:

SharePoint Online: a Friend or a Foe?
Level: 100
Track: Business

This is an important question many customers ask themselves. Microsoft is heavily promoting their Cloud services with SharePoint Online as their showpiece. The SharePoint Online platform did mature over the years and has become a worthy and realistic replacement for SharePoint On-Premises. SharePoint Online offers Intranet and Extranet business solutions and contains the latest SharePoint features. Although this sounds great, many customers aren’t sure and are hesitant of the Cloud. What they really wonder: is SharePoint Online a friend or a foe? The presentation covers the following topics:

– A look at the history and evolution of SharePoint Online
– Real world SharePoint Online Intranet Solutions
– An Extranet business scenario with SharePoint Online
– Overcome Cloud challenges such as O365 Release Cycle, Staging & Life Cycle Management, Hybrid and Governance
– The main differences with SharePoint On-Premises

Key Take Away Points:

– Determine if SharePoint Online is a good fit for your organisation
– A clear overview of not only the benefits but also the challenges of SharePoint Online
– Learn about useful business scenarios and workloads suitable for SharePoint Online

Looking at the fact that Office 365/SharePoint Online is changing rapidly the content of my presentation is definitely going to contain some changes. Expect an up-to-date presentation with the latest Office 365/SharePoint Online developments.

All the latest news about the event can be found on the website. Click here. Hope to see you there!


I am speaking at Office 365 Saturday 2014

I am excited to be speaking at the second edition of Office 365 Saturday Europe. For this years event I am talking about the following:

Office 365: The Year in Review and Next Year, too! – Jasper Oosterveld
OneDrive for Business, Office Online, Yammer, Power BI, Office for iPad, Delve, Office 365 Groups! 2014 has been an amazing year for Office 365 with a release of dozens of updates, fixes and new features. A new era of collaboration and connectivity is upon us, there is no stopping Office 365 and there is much more on its way. During this session we are going to take a look at this awesome year for Office 365 and review the biggest releases! We finish the session with a quick peek in the future and see what next year is going to bring us.

Don’t miss my session and the many other great sessions! Tune in at November 15th and embrace the power of Office 365. Click here to register.

I am speaking at SharePoint Connect Amsterdam 2014

I am proud to be speaking for the third time at SharePoint Connect Amsterdam 2014! This is one of my favorites events because its not to big, with great speakers and sessions. There is a lot of interaction between the delegates and speakers with the SharePoint and Office 365 community feel!

Here are my session details:

Office 365: The Year in Review and Next Year, too! – Jasper Oosterveld
OneDrive for Business, Office Online, Yammer, Power BI, Office for iPad, Delve, Office 365 Groups! 2014 has been an amazing year for Office 365 with a release of dozens of updates, fixes and new features. A new era of collaboration and connectivity is upon us, there is no stopping Office 365 and there is much more on its way. During this session we are going to take a look at this awesome year for Office 365 and review the biggest releases! We finish the session with a quick peek in the future and see what next year is going to bring us.

Please use the following code for a 25% discount code: TF494

Hope to see you in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks :) Please visit the website and sign up: http://www.nccomms.com/home.aspx

How to replace the note board web part with Yammer

One of my SharePoint Online customers required an internal wiki for sharing knowledge articles, procedures and how-to instructions. The Enterprise Wiki site template is suitable solution for this requirement. One extra requirement was the option for employees to leave comments. Normally I would use the Note Board Web Part because it’s easy to use, simple and does the job. For some mysterious reason the Note Board Web Part stopped working in the customers SharePoint Online tenant. I had to look for an alternative solution. Thanks to my awesome Sparked colleague Joran Markx I was pointed into the direction of Yammer. Of course, I thought about Yammer immediately but I didn’t think you were able to leave comments for one Wiki page only without seeing comments of Wiki other pages. Obviously I was wrong. Let me show you how this works.

Let’s start by creating a new Yammer group within our Yammer network:


We need to copy the ID of the group and save it. You can find the ID in the URL:


Let’s leave Yammer for now and go to our Enterprise Wiki site. Edit the Wiki page and add the Script Editor Web Part:


You are probably using a custom page lay-out for your Wiki pages. In that case, add the Script Editor Web Part in the page lay-out so it’s always available within every new Wiki page. In my example that’s not the case so let’s just add the Web Part to the page:


You need the following code:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://c64.assets-yammer.com/assets/platform_embed.js”></script>

<div id=”embedded-feed” style=”height:400px;width:500px;”></div>




container: “#embedded-feed”,

network: “networkname.com“,

feedType: “open-graph”,

config: {

defaultGroupId: groupID,

showOpenGraphPreview: false,

promptText: “Comment on this article”,

header: false,

footer: false





<div id=”embedded-feed”></div>
Please add your Yammer network name and group ID to the designated bold marked text. Copy the code, click on Edit Snippet, paste the code and click on Ok. The Yammer widget appears:


Let’s leave a comment and see what happens:


You probably notice a couple of things. First, you can mention colleagues and you see a Sign in to Office 365 notification. The Sign in to Office 365 notification appears because you are sending a link from the SharePoint Wiki Page to Yammer. This is a really ugly link but unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it. Please let me know if there is a fix because it would be awesome to leave it out are make a bit prettier. Let’s see the Wiki page from Garth’s perspective:


Garth can reply to Sara’s message or leave a comment of his own. Pretty cool right? Now let’s see what is happening in the Yammer group:


All the comments and replies are saved within the Yammer group. You can respond directly from Yammer if you want to but it’s probably easier to do this from the Wiki Page. I actually prefer this method instead of the Note Board Web Part because of the integration with Yammer. We all know that Yammer is the Social platform of SharePoint so let’s use the benefits.

You can also visit the following page to configure the Yammer Widget yourself:



This post is originally posted at IT Unity.




Proud to be an Office 365 MVP

Last April I was proud and happy to receive to SharePoint MVP award. My time as a SharePoint MVP was short because I am now an Office 365 MVP :-) My main focus has been SharePoint Online for a long time so Office 365 is a good match for me. Happy to join the team!

How to remove the hover panel within the SharePoint 2013 Search results

For one of our customers I had to create a table of contents of all the site collections within one web application. Thanks to my good SharePoint buddy Benjamin Niaulin, I knew how to do this. I used the Search Results web part and added the following query:

path:”https://contoso.sharepoint.com” contentclass:”STS_Site”  Site<>{SiteCollection.URL}

This resulted in the following:


All the site collections, apart from the one where the web part resides, is shown! Nice :-) The only thing that kind of annoyed me was the hover panel with the preview of the site. I really didn’t need this and it really made the web part slower. So how to get rid of the hover panel? Follow me:

  • Go to the home page of your site collection
  • Go to Site Settings
  • Click on Master pages and page layouts
  • Click on Display Templates
  • Click on Search
  • Download a copy of the Item_Site.html display template
  • Edit the template and rename it within the <title> tag
  • Remove the following two lines:

ctx.currentItem_ShowHoverPanelCallback = Srch.U.getShowHoverPanelCallback(itemId, hoverId, hoverUrl);
ctx.currentItem_HideHoverPanelCallback = Srch.U.getHideHoverPanelCallback();

  • Save the template
  • Upload it back to Search folder within Display Templates and don’t forget to publish
  • Edit the Search Results web part
  • Click on Display Templates
  • Click on Use a single template to display items and select your Display Template

This is the result:


The site preview is gone. Awesome!


How to reference your custom CSS within a Search Display Template

Display Templates are incredible powerful within SharePoint 2013. You can create a new one based on an existing display template. To change the look & feel you create your own CSS. To reference to this CSS file you have to add the following code under the <body> tag:


        $includeCSS(this.url, “~sitecollection/Style Library/YourCSS.css”);


 In some cases a script tag already exists referencing a JavaScript file, just add the CSS reference within this tag, no need to create a new one.

Hope this helps you save some time and create awesome display templates :)

ESPC Webinar – External Collaboration with SharePoint Online and Yammer answers to questions

Thanks again for listening in to my webinar last week. You asked some questions and I have gotten around to answer these. Here we go!

Q: When inviting external users to SharePoint online. What recommendations does he have to meet? Does he need a LiveId-Account to authenticate? How can I give certain permissions on Libraries and and Lists?

The external use can use his or her own e-mail address but if this isn’t a Live ID or an Office 365 e-mail address (connected through your companies Office 365 tenant) the external user has to connect the e-mail address with a Live ID. This is a one time process. I do recommend creating a Quick Reference Card for your external users to make the process a bit easier.

“Q: Is it possible to create a customer portal (like 100 customers) where everyone has his own documents and lists with only one URL?

You can create one site collection and share this with a 100 customers. You assign custom permissions to every library or list. I do recommend against this approach because how can you guarantee security to the every customers content? Someone, even you,  is bound to make a mistake and accidentally give customer A access to Customer B’s documents. So the answer to your question is Yes but please keep the risks in mind.

“Q: With OneDrive for business, you cannot share with users outside your domain (external users). Is this correct?

Yes, this is possible but you have to enable this feature in the SharePoint Online Admin Center. Select the My Site Host and enable external sharing.

Q: What’s the border of usage between LYNC 2013 and Yammer. Do they overlap in any area?

I see Lync more for short messages and Yammer for discussions and connecting with peers. The discussions in a Lync conversation aren’t accessible  for other users. This means valuable information gets lost or stuck between two people. A missed opportunity in my eyes. I use Lync for short questions with my colleagues or customers. I ask questions and share expertise on Yammer.

“Q: Jasper – in Yammer, if your external users are in different groups but in the same network, will they see other groups that they don’t have permission to join (I don’t want this of course…)?

This is possible, don’t forget to untick the following option: 

Q: In Microsoft’s Office365 roadmap they mention “”groups”” as a feature that they are working on. What will this contain and will that improve the ability to work with external people?

There isn’t much information available about the groups feature so I can’t tell you anymore then what’s available on the Office 365 Blogs.

“Q: IS one Drive available for On Premise?

Yes it is but you don’t get 1TB of storage by default. This is up to your SharePoint administrator.

“Q: I understand that SharePoint is meant for collaboration & exchanges. But within O365, do I need to create a ‘corporate’ team site within SharePoint for document management-purposes (with restricted permissions for only some of the folders/groups), or are other functionalities a better option to replace our internal server?

Are you looking to replace your internal file share with SharePoint? Although SharePoint is amazing (it can be at least ;)) for document management and storing documents it can never totally replace your file share. SharePoint, especially online with its limitations, isn’t the greatest option to store large video files,  technical (autocad) files and database files. So asses first what your requirements are and then check this with SharePoint’s options.

“Q: Jasper mentioned about using either folders, metadata, taxonmy or document sets – what does he recommend or is best used for end users?

This is an impossible question to answer without knowing the business case, business requirements and the end-users :-) Each DM feature in SharePoint is suitable for certain scenario’s. Please check out my Document Management resources by clicking here. You will find links to slide decks and videos. Especially my slide deck for the Share Conference includes scenario’s per DM feature.